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Professional Web Design for Websites and Webshops


Discover Our Sharp Prices for Basic Packages

At [Name MDG Digital Web Design Agency], we offer professional web design for both websites and web shops. Our expert approach focuses on creating attractive and functional online platforms that set your business apart.

Transparent Prices for Basic Packages

To give you a clear picture of our web design rates, we present here some standard prices for developing your professional website. These basic packages are designed to meet various needs, and our rates are competitive without compromising on quality.
Discover how our web design can strengthen your online presence and offer attractive prices for the development of both websites and web shops. Choose [Name MDG] and invest in a digital strategy that gets results.

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Rates for having your Professional Website created

Get standard websites and web shops at MDG Digital Webdesign Agency with an advanced and user-friendly management system, built-in basic SEO settings, and full GDPR compliance (privacy policy, cookie policy and disclaimer). Moreover, we are available 24/7/365 for our valued clients because your success has no office hours.

Want a custom design for your professional website or web shop? At MDG Digital, you've come to the right place.
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At MDG Digital Webdesign Agency, we offer transparent prices for our professional website and web shop designs. However, it is essential to note that the prices listed do not include web hosting and domain name. Our comprehensive hosting packages for these websites start from just €129 per year and include 1 free domain name and a free Tiny SSL certificate. Worth mentioning: all prices do not include VAT.

Want to expand the content of your website? No problem!!! Additional pages can be added for only €75 per page.

In addition, we offer the possibility to insert up to 3 posts. For additional posts, we charge an hourly rate of €72. Our team is ready to help you with these adjustments, so that your website always remains up-to-date and relevant.

In short, if you're looking for a custom design for your professional website or web shop, you've come to the right place. Let's work together on an online presence that is not only visually appealing, but also easy to find in Google. Want more information? Feel free to contact us.

Rates for building your successful webshop

MDG is available 24/7/265 to existing customers.

Our approach focuses not only on aesthetics, but also on functionality. With a focus on usability, advanced security technologies and integration of essential tools like Google Analytics and the DIVI Builder license, we create an online platform that not only gets found, but also impresses. Find out how we can help you grow and prosper in the digital world!


Discover the power of our 5 optimized pages, designed with a focus on search engine friendliness and maximum findability:

  1. Stock Management Page:
    • Overview of your inventory with professional images for a visually appealing presentation.
    • Search function and categories for easy navigation.
    • Visitor reporting and detailed statistics with Google Analytics and WP stats.
  2. Customer Management Page:
    • Secure contact form with SSL certificate security for secure communication.
    • Integration of Jetpack Security (free version) for additional protection.
    • Cookie policy (GDPR compliant) and basic privacy policy for transparency and legal compliance.
  3. Mollie Payment System Integration Page:
    • Seamless integration of the reliable Mollie payment system.
    • General conditions (text to be provided) for a clear legal framework.
  4. Product Entry and Categories Page:
    • Optimization for search engines with thoughtful product entry and categorization.
    • AddThis social media sharing to share and distribute your products.
  5. Blog Posts Page:
    • Regular blog posts to increase the relevance of your website.
    • Training/help for management including 10 hours to ensure you get the most out of your website.


Important Note on Pricing:

The price listed above does not include web hosting and domain name. For the hosting package of your professional webshop, we charge only €159 per year, including 1 domain name, and an additional €65 for an SSL certificate suitable for optimal security.
Additional pages can be added at a rate of €75 per page.
** Please note: Our offer includes a maximum of 3 included posts. Additional posts are subject to an hourly rate of only €72, based on transparent rates for maximum flexibility and transparency.

*** The price includes the entry of 5 products and 2 categories. Additional entries of products, product categories and blog posts are charged at an hourly rate of €72.