Steps for Ordering a New Website or Hosting

Our Approach

Brief Description of Our Methodology

Our method is simple: we come to you personally, listen to your needs and interpret them carefully. Together we explore the possibilities of achieving your goals. With my extensive professional background, I have considerable know-how, which makes it easy for me to empathize with your needs. This saves not only time, but also budget.
Contact MDG.

Roadmap for new customers

With new clients, we are happy to adapt our approach depending on the specific project. Discover our standard approach for optimal results here.


1. First contact

After submitting your message through the contact form, Whatsapp or by phone, we get a first impression of the services you are interested in. This allows us to prepare optimally prior to our first introductory meeting. Feel free to contact us to take the first steps towards a valuable conversation about your needs and wishes.

2. Introduction

During this introductory meeting, we jointly explore your entrepreneurial passion and the specific online story you want to tell. We highlight all the requirements of your business in detail and also share our insights to ultimately form a comprehensive picture of what is or is not appropriate for your project.


3. Free quote

Within 72 hours you will receive a no-obligation quote from us, whether for a total concept or just a professional website. Our quotations are transparent, with no hidden costs. If you require additional services, we will gladly look at ways to accommodate you in terms of price. Get a quick and easy overview of our services for your specific needs.


4. Offer approval

After your approval, we will set the start date of your project in our calendar. We charge an advance invoice of 35%. Once the payment has been made, your website or project is permanently added to our schedule. After that, we get to work immediately on the development of your professional website. It is essential to deliver all necessary materials and texts before the indicated start date to ensure smooth progress.

5. Control material

Prior to the start of your project, MDG Digital Web Design Agency will thoroughly review all the materials you provide to make sure we have everything we need. We also review the services and elements again to check that all your requirements are still relevant. This way, if necessary, we can make the necessary adjustments.

Effective communication at this stage is extremely important to ensure that all aspects of the project are well understood and aligned. At MDG Digital Web Design Agency, we strive to exceed your expectations and make appropriate adjustments based on your specific needs. Contact us for thorough project preparation and smooth collaboration.

6. launch / online

After the completion of your project and after your full approval, we proudly launch your professional website, webshop, online service or project. We always perform some final checks to make sure the launch is successful. Even after the launch, you can continue to rely on MDG Digital Web Design Agency. We are at your service 24/7 and remain available to support you.