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Welcome to MDG Digital Web Design Agency ,
where we take your digital presence to new heights with customized websites that reflect the essence of your business. We understand that your online presence is not just a business card, but an essential part of the customer journey.

At the start of each project, your needs and expectations are at the heart of our work. Our digital experts go beyond designing a website; we look for the ideal customer and analyze his or her customer journey. This forms the solid foundation for a website that is not only visually appealing, but also seamlessly meets the needs of your target audience.

MDG Digital Web Design Agency is ready to consult with you personally, whether it's at your location or via Zoom. The choice is yours, because we believe in collaboration that is comfortable and inspiring.


We like to think out of the box

What does
MDG Digital Web Design Agency do?

At MDG Digital Web Design Agency, we are fully committed to various aspects of online presence. Our core business includes not only developing beautiful professional websites, but we also offer our clients a total concept. As your "TOTAL DESIGN CONCEPT" partner, we guide business owners in selecting a domain name that excels in Google, and provide secure and stable web hosting to ensure optimal online performance. Our services also include extensive attention to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the possibility of SEA (Search Engine Advertising) support.

In essence, we unburden you on all fronts regarding your online identity. An attractive design and powerful branding are central to this. MDG Digital Web Design Agency also offers various side products and independent activities. Discover more about our extensive services at 'About MDG'. With MDG you are assured of a comprehensive package that contributes to a strong online presence and optimal findability in search engines such as Google.

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To impress, a "Spot on" design is key.
As a graphic agency, we think creatively and out-of-the-box with you.


Your brand is like a cocktail. Mix all the ingredients together & let's shake it Up! Creating a strong brand requires expertise and the right branding. 


Which images best suit your business and do they reach the right audience? Hand over the design of your imagery for social media advertising. Invest in effective solutions.


Design from car lettering, banners, corporate signage to baches and more. We like to think with you for your advertising on your shop window to on your car.
"stand out in your neighborhood"


We build a fast, reliable and GDPR compliant website with the latest techniques and with an eye on good findability. Your website is your online business card. With a convenient interface, you can manage your website yourself afterwards.


With SEO, you can obtain sustainable organic positions in the search results in the longer term, while SEA gives you the tools to immediately rank at the top of the search engines through targeted ads. 


Choosing the right domain name for your business is very important. We are happy to help in your search. Do you already know which domain name. Then register your domain name quickly.

MDG Digital Web Design Agency is a CSP partner of Microsoft and can provide you with legitimate office 365, microsoft 365 and Onedrive and MS Echange Online licenses

Buying Microsoft® 365 LICENSES.

As an official CSP partner of Microsoft, we provide reliable and legitimate license codes for Microsoft software. Our product range includes Office 365, Microsoft 365, OneDrive, MS Exchange Online, ect.


Web hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server), Cloud solutions, SSL, E-mail... MDG Digital Webdesign Agency can help you with the suitable solution for your website and business applications.

Web Design, Webshops, Online Marketing

Domain name registration

Starting as low as €20 or included in web hosting

Instant registration
Own management account
Web hosting linking
DNS forewarding
Free DNS hosting
24/7 sign tuning

MDG Digital Web Design Agency is a CSP partner of Microsoft and can provide you with legitimate office 365, microsoft 365 and Onedrive and MS Echange Online licenses

Microsoft® OFFICE 365 LICENSES

Reliable and official license codes for Microsoft Office software. Our range includes Office 365, Microsoft 365, OneDrive, MS Exchange Online, MS apps, ...

MDG Digital Web Design Agency is Indirect Reseller
Microsoft CSP partner

Ordering web hosting

As little as €30 per year

Stable and secure hosting
Automatic backups
Own management platform
Installatron Apps installation
Free SSL with Let's encrypt
ISO 27001 and Nen 7510 certified

Website building

As low as €350

Professional creative website
Fully customized
SEO tools

Online webshop

As low as €2545

Professional webshop
Fully customized
Mollie payment platform

Build your own website

Starting from €126 per year including domain name, SSL certificate and email

MDG promotions sets up full web hosting with WordPress. We install all the necessary and important plugins so you can start building your own website without any technical knowledge.

Would you like to build your own website, without technical knowledge?
We offer you that possibility with a very intuitive web builder.


"Let's begin with an idea, and let it become something else that's even more beautiful"

Satisfied customers

Domain names under management

Ongoing projects

+/- Red Bulls 😉

What makes MDG Digital Web Design Agency different from the competition?

When you choose a website at MDG Digital Web Design Agency, you can expect the following:

  • Custom Web Design: Your story is the focus, and our design reflects your company's unique identity.
  • Responsive design: Our websites adapt effortlessly on mobile devices, tablets and desktops for an optimal user experience.
  • SEO optimization: We ensure good findability in Google so that your target audience can easily find you.
  • User-friendly system: With an intuitive backend, you can easily make your own changes and manage the content of your website.
  • Expandable backend: The ability to add functionality, such as a web shop or online reservations, to match the growth of your business.
  • Links to existing programs: Seamless integration with the tools you already use.
  • All-in subscription: Hosting, SSL certificate, 1 URL and automatic security updates are all included. So you can focus on your business while we manage the technical aspects.

Ready to take your digital presence to new heights? Let's work together on a website that not only impresses, but also gets results.

Michael De Grave
Managing Director

Responsive websites web design of responsive websitesMDG promotions

Optimal Responsive Web Design for PC, Tablet and Smartphone

Our websites are equipped with state-of-the-art responsive layouts, rendering them smoothly and attractively on PC, tablet and smartphone. Discover the convenience of a website that effortlessly adapts to different screen sizes, enhancing your online presence on any device.

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11 reviews on
Davy Vennekens
Davy Vennekens
Reliable partner who is always on the ball.
Laurie Braeckmans
Laurie Braeckmans
Very satisfied from working with Michael. Very good knowledge of building websites with Divi and SEO. Always had very good and smooth communication. Thank you!!!
Un professionnel hors pair qui offre un service de qualité tant par l écoute, la ponctualité , et surtout du pragmatisme. Je recommande sans aucune once d hésitation.
Wim Volders
Wim Volders
Second website we had Michael design and implement. Always in consultation and reviewed everything in the process step by step together so that it is completely to my liking. I am pretty much computer illiterate myself, but always get enough explanation so that I can manage the site myself (for a part). This makes it possible to quickly make adjustments at the moment you want and find it necessary. Is normally available 24/7, and if, exceptionally, this is not possible, you always get a quick response. Possible questions or problems are then, as far as possible, also immediately addressed and adjustments are made. If I get stuck with an adaptation of the site, this is always solved with a smile and the necessary patience (by phone). In this way they are very responsive. I can only speak positively about the way they work, highly recommended.
nadie verhaert
nadie verhaert
Super satisfied, immediately on the same wavelength.... Nice result , so happy woman....
Cour Jardin
Cour Jardin
Very satisfied with the beautiful website. Service is TOP. Highly recommended!
Redgy Boens
Redgy Boens
Michael always thinks along creatively and also solution-oriented. Super fast response time! Has patience with technological laymen, also very nice.
Jens Gabriels
Jens Gabriels
Have been doing business with MDG for a long time, always friendly correct service, highly recommended!!!
Giovanni Massaro
Giovanni Massaro
Very professional service. Lightning fast Hosting and Co-location services. Quick and outstanding support. Thanks for the many fantastic services and support since so many years and years to come !
Andrea Otte
Andrea Otte
Always available, super friendly and knows how to help with any problem. Top service

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